Just when you thought it was safe to ground your kids. According to AOL News a twelve-year-old girl in Quebec, Canada decided being punished for her actions wasn’t going to stop her fun.

Over a week ago a lawsuit was filed in the Quebec Superior Court by a girl who was not allowed to go on a graduation trip with her elementary school friends.

Her trouble began when she was caught posting pictures of herself on an adult internet dating service. Her father banned her from going online.

But then she had a fight with her stepmother and was denied permission to attend the trip by her father.

The girl went to stay with her mother and filed a motion with the court asking for the punishment to be overturned.

Quebec Superior Court Judge, Suzanne Tessier, ruled that the father’s punishment was out of line.

The Judge considered the girl to have been punished enough and the punishment wasn’t applicable because she’s currently living with her mother.

Although, the father has custody, parents have “joint parental authority” regardless of who has custody in Quebec, according to Miriam Grassby, a Quebec family lawyer.

While I don’t have all the answers this case seems to be an isolated incident. But would a case like this hold up in an American Court?

What do you think?

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