An asbestos victim who was a former machinist with the United States Navy has been awarded twelve million dollars in compensation by a Los Angeles County jury as a result of the disease that he has contracted. Sixty six year old Charles Cundiff has been told that he has the asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma.

Cundiff filed a lawsuit against the supplier and the manufacturer of an asbestos related product, and following the lawsuit he was awarded ten million dollars in damages. In addition to this his wife was also awarded one and a half million dollars, and he also received over five hundred thousand dollars in economic damages.

A lawyer that was working on behalf of the plaintiff said that the outcome had been a success, stating: “Charles Cundiff’s integrity won the day. His courage and tenacity give hope to other Navy vetrans facing the deadly course of mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure.”

The jury found that the manufacturer and the supplier both failed to provide Cundiff with adequate warning about the dangers associated with the insulating cement that he used to use in his work, which contained asbestos.

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