This week’s V was a lesson in how home security systems can save lives. Or take them away, depending on which side you’re cheering on.

The Visitors have an immense amount of technology on their side. They can (possibly. Seems a lot like fear-mongering to me) detect aneurysms before they happen, send Seekers out to hunt around areas of interest, route pay phone calls back to the mothership for Marcus to answer, have links to the hundreds of Ambassadors around the globe… Oh, and they can graft human SKIN onto themselves. They’ve got a little bit of an edge on the technology front.

The only thing lacking in their perfect world is a little bit of home security. I suppose they’ve never had to deal with anyone in the family breaking apart and rejecting Bliss. Oh, wait.

No one on the giant ships in the sky needs to know what anyone else is doing, I guess. Anna definitely doesn’t need to know if anyone she doesn’t approve is accessing the phosphorous banks. The room where there is torturing going on? No one needs to protect that. It’s entirely reasonable for Joshua to walk in, tell Marcus and the torture doctor to get out, and then proceed to have his gab session with the Fifth Column on the ground.

I can even buy into the fact that Joshua may have been able to tell guards (maybe there are guards? Who knows at this point) to let him by, since he is the head of the medical stuff on Anna’s ship. That’s pretty legit to me. But are there no cameras on this ship? No way to document who passed into a room that should remain very, very private? If there is, won’t Anna start suspecting Joshua even one little bit? He has, after all, been a factor in the death of Erica’s partner and a sleeper agent. Now all of a sudden he’s in a room with Georgie, and he wasn’t involved in the torturing at all?

I bet they’d want to find out if someone broke into their homes.

I’m just wondering how such an advanced civilization can go so long without fixing this problem. They’ve had a problem in the past with Fifth Column, obviously. John May is a legend to them all. Ryan was easily able to sneak in, take the medicine for Valerie, and would have done this all unnoticed if he hadn’t looked askance at that crying child. Hell, he was able to tear off his V-garb and blend into the crowd! Joshua has killed people in order to protect the Fifth Column, and sent off a message to the ground resistance. When will the Visitors step up their homeland security?

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