Lost is sort of a rarity for television shows in the sense that it picks up steam as it heads to the end. That is probably helped by the fact they set an end date to the show, so they don’t follow an X-Files approach and overstay their welcome. We were treated to an amazing fourth season and by the looks of it so far, season 5 is off to an even better start.

Despite the promo’s last week, this week’s episode doesn’t feature the Oceanic Six in any form. Instead it focuses on the island and the survivors of last weeks attack. Faraday, Charlotte, and Miles are captured by the attackers and are presumed to be working for the US Army. Meanwhile Locke, Sawyer, and Juliet question the attackers that they managed to capture only to learn that they are the Others. As Locke’s group heads towards the camp, Faraday is charged with dismantling a bomb that could destroy the island. Back on the mainland, Desmond begins his search for Faraday’s mother to help save the people on the island. In this time he learns a little about Faraday’s background and who was financing his research.

This episode blew me away. It blew me away the way that The Constant did in season 4. We are beginning to get answers to questions that we have had for a few seasons and things from the past seasons are beginning to connect in ways I wouldn’t have thought. Questions involving the original hatch, why Richard was there at Locke’s birth and Widemore’s connection to the island are answered. And I love not only the answers, but how they were answered. They don’t make a big deal about the answers, but every time one happens you nearly hop up towards the edge of the seat.

This episode really added more to three characters then I expected. I have always liked Locke, but kind of found him at his best when he had a set mission in mind. Last season he had the mission, but didn’t know how to accomplish it and because of that he came off as real weak. This season he seems to have new purpose and after saving the survivors at the end of last week, he became the Locke that I knew and loved. I loved when he learns who one of the others are, his amused reaction. I am very interested to see what is going to happen with his character up until his death.

Faraday was always an intriguing character. He is the character with all the answers in one way or another, but seems like he doesn’t want to waste time explaining them. Last season he didn’t seem to be the one to go to when the pressure is high, yet this episode he reacts so well under pressure. When he revealed what the others had to do with Jughead, it nearly got me to yell in agreement. Nearly! Desmond is another character that has come a long way on the serious. From a coward, running away his relationship to when he barges double door and sets the ground rules of the discussion with Widemore. I am really interested to see where they take these three characters story.

The episode started off with a bang and just kept the pace and tension up the whole time. I can’t remember one aspect of the episode that I even shrugged at. From the moment it started I was glued to my seat anxiously awaiting the next moment. Fans of the show will be excited to learn some answers and be salivating for more after this episode. This show just continues to impress and I just can’t wait another week for my next dose of Lost.

***** out of *****

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