carradine-2.jpgSpike is not renowned for its artistic endeavors, pretty much it has been labeled the boobs, babes, and Brutality channel. I have to admit that I broke my own cardinal rule of reviewing, I decided to read what others had written about Kung Fu Killer. To put it mildly, I was horrified, the ivory towers of the critics reach high. Occasionally I get labeled as a ‘critic’, I am not! I review stuff, some I like, some I do not, but I rarely interject my personal view, I call it objectivity, and that is what our prissy and overpaid critics do not have!

OK, rant over, lets get to the movie!

It’s a two parter, and it brings David Carradine back in his 70’s Kung Fu role.

In part one we learn a little of his background, and a little of his current situation, the 1920’s was a very volatile period in China’s history. White Crane’s (Carradine) world is shattered when  Kahn Xin (Lim Kay Tong) and his mercenary army attack his temple and slay his mentor, the only person that he trusts. On her death bed she entreats White Crane to not seek revenge. Obviously this is at odds with his ideas.

hannah-4.jpghannah-4.jpgIt is in Shanghai that Crain starts his quest, and it is in Shanghai that he meets  Jane Marshall (Daryl Hannah), a lounge singer from Brooklyn, who is on a mission of her own, to find her brother. Although an unlikely pairing, they join forces in the quest to bring Kahn and his empire to its knees.

I have to admit that the Batman-esq style used in some of the scenes does not translate well into the world of regular TV. Other than that, I think this is a must see deal. Yes Spike is Boobs and Gore, but Boobs and Gore is what sells. Spikes demographic is you men between the ages of 16 and 35, This movie hits that spot. As an aside, it also is exceptionally well made. The videography can not be faulted.  The plot line runs the way it should. Everyone involved with this project deserves a huge amount of credit.

Alas the MSM (Main Stream Media) does not share my enthusiasm, Tom Shales of the Washington Post titled his review ‘Kung Fu Killer’ Carradine Inflicts Pain on Viewers. This is a fine example of idiocy, and a fine example of a reviewer (critic) that has his head up his butt!

My advice to everyone is try Kung Fu Killer, lets face it, Tom Shales is an idiot, so lets give these MSM toads a good whipping and watch the show. It premiers Sunday and Monday evening on Spike.

Simon Barrett

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