This weeks episode of the HBO miniseries Finds John Adams as Americas first Vice President. But all is not well, he has the title, but finds himself excluded from George Washington’s inner circle. He has become a man with an imposing title, but little real power.

Even his friend Thomas Jefferson who has now become Secretary Of State seems to distance himself from Adams, this is primarily due their conflicting views on the British situation. Maybe the lowest ebb in Adams career is a swing vote that he casts ratifying the American-British treaty. Publicly villified over the vote life is miserable indeed.

Adams is a man of strong principles. and what might have crushed a lesser man, merely make John Adams even more determined. The result as we all know is that in 1796 he becomes America’s  second President. His win was secured by a meager three votes over Jefferson. Now thats what you call a close one!

Can John Adams steer the still infant country in the road to success?

HBO has produced a magnificent series with John Adams, and no detail of the language, props, and backdrops has been overlooked. Of course when you have great source material to use, such as David McCullough’s great and insightful book ‘John Adams’ to work from, to do any less would be a sin.

David McCullough is an award winning author with two National Book Awards, two Pulitzers, and two Francis Parkman Prizes to his name. Now that is not too shabby on the resume! His 8 books have been translated into 10 languages, and he has global sales on over 9 million copies. As if this were not enough he has also received more than 40 honorary degrees (I’d settle for just one, but I guess the Universities don’t recognize reviewers 🙂 )

Unite Or Die premiers on HBO Sunday April 6 at 9pm. For coverage of the previous episode please check Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Simon Barrett

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