I love it when something good happens to people I care about. A good friend of Jan and I is the rough tough bounty hunter William Cobra Staubs. Cobra is everything that you would expect, he is not the mamby pamby pepper spray carrying Dog Chapman. Cobra is a man who means business!


For many people the name Cobra Staubs had no significance until he became involved with the Haleigh Cummings case. Which on more than one occasion he has shared with me his regret.

Haleigh Cummings is the last missing little girl that I am ever going to look for

The Haleigh Cummings case crippled Cobra, his license became in jeopardy through the actions (and inactions) of people he called friends. He is in fact still recovering from the fallout. I have no intentions of rehashing the appalling conduct of a couple of people. It is all just bio-fuel under the bridge!

A couple of months ago Cobra and I were chatting, a TV production company from Greece were interested in making a documentary about Bounty Hunting. In parts of Europe it is illegal, so they wanted to come to the US and film the documentary. They even had a catchy title Hunting Humans.

Having researched the Bounty Hunters, they asked Cobra to be the focus.


Hunting Humans aired in Europe last night to rave reviews. The audio is a mixture of English and Greek, the good news is that English dominates (with Greek subtitles).

The other great news is that unlike the US networks, European Networks are happy to share their programing online. They also don’t give a rats ass about about the occasional cuss word (or 25).


Could Cobra be the next Baywatch Hunk? I have my doubts. But he certainly is a very good friend.

So, in the event that last night you did not have your satellite dish pointed at a European TV feed, I have the link for you! Here is Hunting Humans.

I also want to congratulate  MegaTv on producing a very fine documentary (an understanding of the Greek language is recommended)!

Simon Barrett

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