High School debating teams, how much do you know about this subject? Most people would reply “nothing”. I am a huge fan of debating, and have been since I was a little sprog. Give me a subject, almost any subject, tell me if I am pro or con, and let me rip! I love the challenge, it doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong, the fun is in the battle. When I think about it, that pretty much summarizes the way I write. It is a cold day in Calgary hell that I write anything that is not slanted. My idea of objectivity is to annoy a segment of the readers.

Resolved takes us into what has happened in the world of High School debating. And I have to say that it made me rather cross. The nature of the beast has changed over the years. Gone are eloquence and style, in is speed speaking. Gone are the big crowds that would fill an auditorium, instead debates happen in squalid rooms with almost no audience.

What changed?

The big change happened a couple of decades ago, the time allowed for a speaker was limited, the solution? Talk faster. So what we get is a bunch of auctioneers and race track commentators.

Resolved looks at two teams, one from an affluent Texas area, and one from Long Beach, California.

Affluence and influence v reality. What an interesting battle. Rich v Poor.

Fascinating stuff, is it racial? Is it cultural? You decide.

Resolved airs on HBO at 9pm Monday June/16

Simon Barrett


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