The Sundance Channel premiers season two of their eco-friendly series Big Ideas For A Small Planet tonight (April 1) at 9pm. This season will feature 13 episodes, and if it is as good as last season, this is must watch television.

Tonight’s episode looks at alternative energy sources, and the people behind the technology.

The phrase ‘alternative energy’ energy often conjures up high tech images of fusion power and million dollar fuel cells, yet the reality is a lot different as you will find out tonight. Often it can be relatively low tech engineering. The sun, the wind, and yes even cow manure can be used to create sustainable power sources.

In conjunction with the series Sundance is also sponsoring a contest entitled “What’s The Big Idea?” They want to find out what your big idea is to help the ecosystem. As an incentive to get the creative juices flowing they are offering a $10,000 cash prize. All you have to do is submit a one minute video, or a photo essay of your idea. Full details are available at

Sundance Channel will select the top 25 entries to be viewed and voted on by users between May 27 and June 24. The five proposals to receive the most votes will be reviewed by a panel of environmental experts who will pick the winner.  Pieces will be judged on creativity, overall theme, feasibility and presentation.   The winner will be announced the week of July 7.

Big Ideas For A Small Planet also has an accompanying web site, which has lots of information about the series, and also has a streaming video of the episode.

Simon Barrett


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