How green are your gadgets? I have to admit that mine are not.

This week the Sundance channel eco series Big Ideas For A Small Planet takes a look at gadgets, we all have them, we all love them, but can we have cute and eco friendly gadgets?

Our first stop is Dallas and the company Current Energy where we get to meet general manager Chad Vickers. Current Energy is dedicated to retailing items that save energy. From air conditioning to flashlights, these guys supply it all. Even better they will come to your home and do an ‘Energy Audit’, light bulbs, insulation, water use, etc. All of these aspects can be optimized, and the savings are huge. Changing from incandescent light bulbs to CFL’s works out to be about a $5 a year per bulb saving. While that might not seem much, think about how many light bulbs you have in your house, the savings start to add up.

Next, we meet Elizabeth Redmond, she is an inventor, and a lady with a vision. She has created a floor tile that generates electricity. Walk on the tile, and you produce a small amount of power. Just imagine though, if the tiles are in high traffic areas of malls and shops, suddenly that small amount becomes a significant amount.

Our last stop this week is in Delaware, where we get to meet Richard Wool the Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Delaware. Circuit boards from chicken feathers? Prof Wool says yes.

If you look at existing technology you find that the current technology for creating printed circuit boards involves petroleum byproducts and fiberglass. Richard wool demonstrates a technique that involves using soy beans and chicken feathers.

You can catch Big Ideas For A Small Planet on Sundance at 9pm Tuesday June/17.

Simon Barrett  

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