This Week the Sundance Channel’s eco show Big Ideas takes a look at animals. “Well animals are pretty darn green” I hear you say, “They leave no carbon footprint”. It is not the animals that are at issue, it is mans interaction with them that causes the problems.

Sue Chin is the director of planning and design for the Bronx Zoo in New York, it is her mission to make sure that the green aspects of the zoo. A zoo does not need to have boring iron barred cages, the exhibits if planned correctly can contain real habitat. The new Madagascar exhibit is a wonderful example of meeting the eco challenge.

Zoo’s can, if used correctly become a major player in the conservation movement. Species on the brink of extinction can be saved.

Segment two looks at the subject of animal shelters, and pet ownership in general. With puppy mills and pet stores selling the cute little puppies, how can the animal shelters compete? Paul Curington of the Dallas Animal Services & Adoption Center weighs in. The shelter uses recycled water, and is a state of the art facility.

I have to say, I wish we did not need animal shelters, if people thought twice before buying that cute little kitty in the window of the local pet store, and considered the needs of the pet, rather than their own needs.

The final segment of this weeks show looks at the largely unregulated world of pet food. Next time you are in your local mega-mart pick up a can of cat or dog food and look at the ingredient list!

Linda Welch is the owner of Green Pets, a company specializing in pet food. Specifically green food, where do the ingredients come from, and what is the quality.

Big Ideas For A Small Planet – Animals airs on Tuesday June/24 at 9pm on the Sundance Channel.

I really have enjoyed this series, and this is the last episode for this season. This is my second year of previewing this series, and every show has been interesting, fun, and most importantly educational. This year I got to talk with people as diverse as a green dry cleaner and a high fashion designer.

I am just a reviewer, but I really like the green message, a single person can not change the world, but if enough people do even just a little bit, the potential for change is huge!

I hope that Sundance will do a third series, and I hope that I will get the opportunity to preview it. Great job, you are to be commended for bringing all of these great ideas to the TV.

Simon Barrett

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