After 5 enjoyable yet unexciting episodes, it finally looks to be that 24 is on the right track again. Hour 6 of the new season offered the most exciting hour yet, finally bringing some tension to the main plot line while keeping the excitement alive on the subplots. It is the first hour that I nearly shouted out an enthusiastic Yeah in support of the characters.This week, Jack (Sutherland) and Tony’s (Carlos Bernard) storyline begins to fill out. They go from being the observers from last week to fully taking part in the plan, especially when their undercover sting goes bad. They are forced to improvise, which ends up nearly costing one of them their lives. Meanwhile First Husband Taylor (Colm Feore) awaits his fate at the hands of the Secret Service agent that he trusted the most. Meanwhile his wife, the President (Cherry Jones), deals with the consequences of her decision not to remove U.S. forces from Sangala.Up until this episode the most exciting segment in the show has been the subplot with Colm Feore and his attempts to uncover the truth about his son’s death. Now while the twist last week was expected, I loved the way it played out. I truly hope though that the producers start to bring this plot line to the forefront as a few minutes a week just isn’t enough.

President’s Taylor’s plotline still is the weak link in the story. The back and forth with her Chief of Staff (Bob Gunton) is really getting annoying. After the new attack in this episode, I finally expected some type of resolve or a new direction, but instead we get more of the same thing. I truly hope that the writers decide to give her something to do. As a fan of Cherry Jones, I was very disappointed at her role so far.

As I mentioned earlier, finally Bauer’s story is beginning to go somewhere and for the first time this season, I am excited about it. The highlight of the episode is when they give Motobo to Nichols, knowing full well that Nichols will probably try to kill them. The scene plays off perfectly and finally we begin to see the Tony Almeida that we loved. I also love that they are also flushing out the story about how he managed to survive the attack in Season 5. I am very excited to see how this plotline will progress through the season.

Last week, the episode began to pick up momentum in the final minutes and I am glad to say that it didn’t lose that momentum this episode. In fact plot lines are becoming more thrilling and more pieces of the puzzle are becoming clearer. The episode still lacks whenever the President is on screen, but with Bauer and Almeida’s story picking up steam it is a very small annoyance. For this first time in awhile, I find myself eagerly awaiting Monday.

**** out of *****

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