I have to admit that I am always drawn to the works of independent film makers, it is also so much more refreshing and real than the mainstream material. PBS has a great series Independent Lens which features documentaries by independent film makers. On December 9 at 10PM the documentary Doc will be aired. The 60’s was a wonderful decade, full of colorful characters, one of those was novelist and counter culture maven Doc Humes.

Somehow Harold L. Humes (Doc) has remained a relatively unknown icon from the hippy decade, but his daughter Immy Humes has changed that with this documentary. She has assembles friends and family of this surprising man and using a montage of archival footage and contemporary interviews we are transported into the world of Doc.

Seen by many as a modern day Don Quixote moving from one cause to the next, Doc loved up to this reputation by, at least briefly becoming a film maker and shooting a movie named Don Peyote. Never released and in fact missing since the early 60’s his daughter manages to track down the one and only copy, and we get a short glimpse.

Contemoraries Norman Mailer, George Plimpton, and even Timothy Leary all weigh in with comments about Doc.

From paper houses to giving away $50 bills to strangers, Doc Humes was certainly a  character.

You can catch Doc on your favorite PBS station at 10PM on December 9, PBS has set up a web page with more information. Yes, this one gets my vote of approval, Immy Humes has done nothing short of a fabulous job of bringing her fathers story to life.

Simon Barrett


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