carradine-2.jpgI remember it so well. The first time I saw David Carradine, it was his wonderful performance in Death Race 2000 (1975), and clearly the new Death Race movie is loosely following the same plot line. It was a number of years later that I became acquainted with David Carradine Martial artist. In fact it was the mid 90’s, I had some down time and discovered TV. This was a genre that I had avoided like the plague. But I discovered two shows, McGuyver and Kung Fu.

They were both wonderful, and I spent several weeks getting up to speed on these shows. While McGuyver was exploring the possibilities of creating explosive devices uses nothing more than Duct Tape, and a can of Baked Beans! Carradine on the other hand preferred the gentle way, negotiation over aggravation. Cain (Carradine) was the smoothest diplomat, but when pushed, Cain knew the right moves. The bad guy always lost!

When I heard that Spike had persuaded David Carradine to recreate the part of Cain, or more properly White Crane, I was incredulous. The TV series started in 1972, and David did not look like a young pup then! “How old is this guy” I asked my wife? Well the answer is 71. My good friends at Spike permitted me a sneak peak.

carradine-4.jpgNow I do have to point out that I am sworn to secrecy about this show. So please keep this secret! I signed a ‘Non Disclosure Agreement’ and if I ‘disclose’ I am legally bound to become a prop in a Japanese oriented violent game show that they have on the drawing board!

Kung Fu Killer takes us back to Cain’s roots, Cain the abused child, Cain the moderator, and most surprising of all, Cain the seeker of revenge.

Spike has never been known for its restraint. And certainly they kept restraint in the box when making this movie. There is more blood and gore in the first 5 minutes of Kung Fu Killer, than there was in the entire TV series. Here is the strange part, David Carradine looks as fit today as he did 30 years ago!

About the only person that could beat him up is my wife! Jan is fearless, and she doesn’t need Num-Chucks!

OK, I suppose you want me to divulge the story?

Well I am not going to. You will have to wait till tomorrow, and all (well bits) shall be revealed. But, I will share this, the entire movie was made on location in China. The Videography and sets are wonderful. Carradine puts in a one in a lifetime performance. Oh, and, this is not all about fighting with bamboo sticks, Darryl Hannah co-stars, and to the best of my knowledge has never whacked anyone with a bamboo stick.

If you can’t wait, you can get a little info from Spike you can even get a sneak peek here, but it won’t be nearly as good as my review :)

Simon Barrett

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