HBO loves to push the envelope with their documentaries, and this one is no exception. There are two famous Heidi’s, there is the delightful and timeless children’s story by Johanna Spyri set in the Swiss alps, and the rather more infamous Heidi Fleiss, set in Hollywood. HBO decided to zoom in on the latter.

Ms. Fleiss is probably better known as the Hollywood Madam, her Call Girls commanded up to $1500 a ‘date’, and in the ‘excess’ that is todays film making world, these rates seemed OK to her clientele. Unfortunately the government did not agree and Heidi was sentenced to 3 years in jail for pandering, money laundering, tax evasion, and who knows what else.

HBO focuses on her life after release from jail. She first starts a small retail outlet, but soon the addiction to the easy money that comes with the sex trade prevails. This time though, she wants to take a legal route, and the state of Nevada, seems like the best place. But, a brothel with a twist. Her plan was to have male prostitutes and female clients, as she calls it “a stud farm”.

Will it work? Will women flock to this diversion?

Tune in to HBO at 9pm Monday July/21 to find out the answer. And the answer might shock you.

Simon Barrett

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