One might not think of Anderson, Indiana as a hot bed of the auto racing scene, but it is! You won’t find it staging Nascar races, and I doubt very much that you will find regular coverage on even the most obscure cable channel, but auto racing is in the blood of this small community. This is a town that has felt the effects of the economic down turn, by way of escapism they have jumped feet first into the auto racing world.

Dirty Driving follows the fortunes of five amateur racers in their quest to be the best in Anderson. There is indeed drama, but also a real sense of fun and adventure. This is escapism at its finest, it is also living proof that you don’t need a multi million dollar budget to go racing.

Of course for some it is a fine line between racing and demolition derby. Anderson as a town does not have much going for it, houses are empty, shops boarded up, and the factories silent following the GM layoffs. But every Friday night the faithful few remaining gather at the Anderson Speedway to cheer on their local heros.

Maybe the quote that sums up Anderson best, comes from one of our intrepid racers:

We don’t make cars no more here in Anderson, Indiana, But we can still race ’em and we can still wreck ’em. They can’t take that away from us!

Dirty Driving premiers tonight on HBO 10pm ET/PT and you don’t have to be a race fan to enjoy it, check out this Youtube segment, and also the HBO web site.

Update: You can read my Post Game Analysis here.

Simon Barrett

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