The folks at Discovery and I often do not see eye to eye. I loved this series, and for three weeks put up previews, then, in a move that made no sense whatsoever they removed access to the preview screeners. Pissed to the max, I had to watch the show at the same time as everyone else. It is pretty damn hard to put up a preview article under these circumstances. It was by sure chance that I stumbled into the screening room today. The final episode of The Colony airs tonight, and guess what? They actually had it for us press folks!

The Colony is not reality TV, in fact there is a rider that runs at the beginning of each episode. It is a controlled experiment. Take 10 people  and throw them together, the background is that some awful natural, or more likely human engineered disaster was to happen, how would the survivors fare?

Unlike the stupid ‘Survivor’ model so often emulated by TV, the poor folks in The Colony can not win Kentucky Fried Chicken for winning the weekly challenge, what they have is what they have!

Episode 10 which airs tonight is an interesting one. And one that gives food for thought. Even though the people know at the bottom of their hearts that this is just a contrived experiment in human nature, they have become so involved that sense goes out of the window.

I am not a huge fan of Sci-Fi, but I have to admit that the concept of how I would survive in a ‘post apocalyptic’ world is one that I have given thought to.

I will not spoil the final episode, but I will say this. The brainiacs kind of sorta did ok, but the real people that kept the group together were the Handymen, two guys who could do everything.

Oh, and there is a serious injury tonight……..

Check your local listings for air time of The Colony.

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