On Wednesday October 7th at 9pn (PT,ET) Discovery’s Emmy nominated show Mythbusters returns for its seventh season. This show is one of the most popular reality TV series ever.


As a recent press release explained:

Since the series launched on Discovery Channel in 2003, the team has tested more than 700 myths, conducted nearly 2,300 experiments, set off 711 explosions and destroyed 104 vehicles – all in the name of science.

Yes, these boys and girls have a destructive streak in them. Initially the crew consisted of two veteran Hollywood special effects gurus Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, Jamie being the serious science hound, and Adam the daredevil who seems bound and determined to injure himself, and often succeeding. For the past several seasons they have been joined by an equally wild bunch on co hosts, Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara.

I had the opportunity to preview the first program in series 7, and I can assure you that it is up to the high standard expected in science lunacy. Veteran watches will be pleased to know that two of the Mythbusters favorite weapons of destruction get featured, guns and explosives!

Jamie and Adam take us into the world of Newtonian physics with a notoriously difficult myth to prove or disprove. Newtonian physics makes the claim that a two bullets that are simultaneously dropped and fired from the same height will reach the ground at the same time. Indeed, some of the experimentation my surprise you.

Meanwhile the rest of the gang tackle the old saying of ‘knock your socks off’. It is reputed that the term stems from a heavyweight boxer who had such a mighty punch that his victim was thrown across the ring with such vigor that his socks fell off! Needless to say this segment contains the classic madness and mayhem so loved by viewers. We have the infamous Nitrogen Canon that once again proves that it should not be used in a confined space! At least this time it only damaged the Mythbusters space the neighbors property was not harmed! Buster lost a shoe, and the sock was somewhat loose, but still attached.

I won’t spoil the finale to this segment, but I will say that it is pretty spectacular, and most definitely in keeping with true Mythbusters tradition.

Catch it on Wednesday Oct/7

Simon Barrett

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