I have to admit that one of my favorite historical figures of all time has to be Leornado Da Vinci. Even though he lived over 500 years ago, he had a wonderful view of both the past and the future. Some think of him as just a painter, and yes, he created many classic works. But Da Vinci was so much more than just an artist.


Many of his sketches depicted inventions, in fact one of the most famous being that of what most historians view as the first helicopter, and the first parachute.

He also envisioned a series of war related items. From individual items to weapons of mass destruction. Discovery Channel has decided to see if any of these 500 year old designs are viable. This evening they will be exploring a tank, but not a regular tank, this one has 36 guns!

It launches at 10pm today, but here is the neat part! The series has been made in HD, and Simon just happens to know someone involved, actually the company involved! We have the inside track!


I have just watched the first episode, and I have to admit that this is my kind of show. You too can make a tank in your garage if you have the right equipment! My kind of idea!

Watch this space, BNN is going to be having a lot more on this series.

Simon Barrett

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