dj_logo_horz.jpgI am a big fan of this series, and I have nothing but admiration for Mike Rowe and his ceaseless search for undesirable forms of employment. Discovery is starting its new season of 11 programs on October 6th, check your local listings for the exact time in your area.

I have just watched the screener for the first program and am still smiling. Not only does Mike Rowe have the unique ability to ‘sniff out’ pun intended dirty jobs but he has such a wonderfully dry humor that goes with it.

Tuesdays premier of the season features two different segments. We find him initially in Florida and the mission is boat salvage. For a variety of reasons, insurance, money, even bloodymindedness people will deliberately dump unwanted boats. Put them in some secluded spot and just let them rot. Because of various legal and financial reasons they can sit for two or three years before they are finally removed.

Mike finds himself in the midst of a removal operation in a protected environmental area, rare grasses plants and trees abound, no damage can be done to the environment! On hand are the fine folks from DERM (environmental government agency) and Law Enforcement, just ready to throw everyone in jail for any environmental damage.

Although a very serious concern Mike Rowe manages to crack many of his one liners. And in typical Dirty Jobs fashion a task that is scheduled for 90 minutes results in an all day series of disasters. Running aground, having trouble getting the derelict boat onto a barge in one piece, all in all a classic and theme setting opening setting.

The second half of the season premier takes Mike to San Francisco and the wonderful world of mattress recycling. Mike is always a wealth of useless information, “a new mattress may weigh 90lbs, 10 years later it weighs 110lbs, what is that extra weight” is the rhetorical question posed. “Dead skin” he goes on to enlighten us.

Needless to say there are an endless series of references to bodily functions and the various olfactory experiences he encounters.

Great start to a new season, set your remotes to Discovery on Tuesday.

Simon Barrett

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