On April 15 Discovery launches season 4 of it’s hit series that chronicles the brutal life of Alaskan crab fishermen in the Bearing Sea. The show is aptly titled, crab fishing in the Bearing Sea, it is without doubt a deadly occupation. Adverse weather, adverse sea conditions, bone crushing equipment, and limb severing control lines make for a workplace that can only be viewed as ‘hell on earth’. But the potential rewards are huge. If things go well, a lowly deckhand can walk away with $10,000 for a weeks work. However, if things go wrong, there will be one more widow in the port of Dutch Harbor, and likely one more young child that will never see his father again.

Deadliest Catch is an ambitious project, just finding Sound and Video people to go along on the boats must have been a challenge, 80mph winds, 40ft waves, sub zero temperatures, this certainly was no pleasure cruise. I love boats, but you would have to have a gun at my head to get me on one of these!

My wife and I are big fans of Deadliest Catch, and we have been following the re-runs that in our neck of the woods seem to be at ‘dark thirty’ on Saturday mornings. Some online ‘mining’ reveals that Deadliest Catch is the top rated series on Discovery, so if you have not seen it, check it out. There is also a website that has information and clips .

Blogger News is pleased to announce that we will be previewing season 4 of Deadliest Catch, and we are also planning on interviews with some of the people featured in the series. As the saying goes ‘Stay tuned to Blogger News for updates’.

Simon Barrett


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