Most presidential elections are clear cut, he who gets most votes, gets to have free room and board at the White House, and you can surround yourself with your friends, cronies, and other sundry hanger ons. The election in 2000 was a little different. Oh the goals were the same, it was how the results were obtained that was different.

For several weeks Florida became the center of the presidential race. The balance of power lay in a few hundred disputed ballots. The world was introduced to a new vocabulary, chads, hanging chads, dimpled chads, and butterfly ballots.

HBO in their made for TV movie Recount takes us inside the high drama of 2000. I am sure that some of you are saying ‘where can the suspense be, when we already know the ending’.  Well I can assure you that Recount has plenty of tension, tension that will have you on the edge of your seat.

At the epicenter of the controversy is Kathleen Harris (Laura Dern) the Florida Secretary of State. Dern puts in an award winning performance as she vacillates between hard nosed political animal and ditsy starlet in the limelight. Kevin Spacey plays Roy Klain, Vice President Al Gore’s chief of staff, and Tom Wilkinson is James Baker III Secretary of State to President George H. W. Bush. Everyone turns in great performances, and deserve congratulations.

We get to witness just how messy the election process is at the best of times, but when the lawyers become involved they take it to new lows.

Recount premieres on HBO Sunday May/25 at 9pm.

Simon Barrett

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