the-dog-that-saved-christmas.jpgMy husband and I recently converted over from cable TV to satellite and I still don’t know all the channels we have. The other night while searching for something I would like to watch I came across a channel with some delightful movies fit for the whole family to watch, no matter what your age is. That channel is ABC Family.

Today we received a press release announcing a movie that ABC Family plans to air on Sunday, November 28 at 8 Eastern/7Central.

If you love watching movies about animals becoming heroes saving the day, then you will love this one, filled with action. The Dog That Saved Christmas Vacation is one you won’t want to miss.

For Christmas the couple, George (Gary Valentine) and Belinda (Elisa Donovan) decide to take their family on vacation to a beautiful Rocky Mountain ski resort and they decide this year to take the family dog, Zeus. The plan was for the family to be able to enjoy an old fashioned snow-capped holiday together. Those plans soon fell apart when they arrived only to find Belinda’s obnoxious brother Randy (Casper Van Dien) and his son there along with their snooty pet poodle, Bella. The downfall to begin with in all this is the fact that George and Randy never really got along with each other and now they would be stuck spending the Christmas vacation not only together but under the same roof as well.

Now the one in all this that seems happy about this family get together is Zeus (voice of Mario Lopez). He is seriously attracted to the beautiful cultured Bella (voice of Paris Hilton) who doesn’t want to give him the time of day no matter what he does to try to impress her. Of course having the macho avalanche dog, Trooper competing with Zeus for Bella’s attention doesn’t help any.

Now Zeus’s arch enemies, Ted (Dean Cain) and Stewey (Joey “Coco” Diaz) are back after being released from jail only to arrive at the ski resort in pursuit of a diamond necklace that they steal which they hide in a gift shop til they can come back for it the next day, only to find it missing when they do return for it. The necklace was mistakenly taken as a dog collar and was bought and given to Bella.

With his desire to make an impression on Bella, Zeus feels it is up to him to protect his family and Bella as well with Ted and Stewie close on their trail to get the necklace back. Zeus is determined to stop Ted and Stewie from ruining his family’s vacation. I think Ted and Stewie are in for a rude awakening when they messed with this bunch.

This is a hilarious film is filled with lots of action and laughs. You can view a trailer on YouTube here.

Be sure to tune in on Sunday and bring the family together in front of your TV to enjoy The Dog That Saved Christmas Vacation on ABC Family channel airing at 8e/7c. I know I plan to watch it here myself.

Jan Barrett

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