There is little doubt that we in the US are addicted to the game shows that appear on our TV. We have been for decades. The themes change, in some ways the top of the ‘knowledge’ heap is probably Jeopardy. While it is cute and maybe educational in a bizarre way, it has its limits on audience appeal. Who wants to watch a bunch of Brainiacs?

The US TV audience tend to prefer a more ‘meat and potatoes’ program. Regular folks, put in silly situations. It is even more fun if no IQ is required. Obviously ‘Lets Make A deal’ is the leader in this genre. The contestants dress up in ridiculous outfits, and the toughest question they are asked is what their name is. Luckily the producers realize that even this question might be beyond the scope of some contestants. To ease this problem, each proudly has a name tag on them. The biggest problem that a contestant faces is choosing curtain one, two or three. Choose the right curtain and you might win a brand new car, select the wrong one, you get ‘Zonked’, you win some prize that has no value whatsoever. It is all harmless fun.

Japan on the other hand takes their game shows to new levels of the inane.

I roll my eyes at this example of extreme dumbness.

Simon Barrett

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