I was born in 1955, like all kids I had theories about what I wanted to be when I grew up, my friends wanted to be train drivers or firemen, I wanted to be a spaceman. As I neared the end of Grammar School once again the subject of what to do for a career was becoming more urgent. My social group varied greatly, as did their aspirations, they ran the gamut from Accountant to Zoologist. I was not interested in the present, my sights were on the future, computers were my poison. History was in the past, who cares, it is as they say carved in stone.

Well history is important, and as I grew older, so did my interest. Recently I came across an excellent TV series from Britain’s Channel 4, Time Team.

It takes Archeology to new heights. It is not a bunch of stuffed shirts sat around a table droning on and on in a monotone voice about some boring and pointless rusted tin can that might have at some point have been full of Spam. The Time Team team members are eclectic to say the least. Much of that is due to having Tony Robinson as the presenter. He played the part of Baldrick in the very humorous TV series Blackadder. Although Time Team is about a serious subject it is done in a humorous way, the experts are characters and deserving of their own individual TV series.

Alas Mick Aston passed away in 2013, but just his image gave flair to the program.

mick aston

Phil Harding at first glance comes across as a country bumbkin, the man with the stained hat, an accent that defies definition, a love for a good pint of beer, and a love of playing in the dirt. I’ll bet he was a handful as a kid! He is in reality a very knowledgeable archeologist.

phil harding

If you have not encountered Time Team, you should. You can order your copy of Time Teams favorite digs by clicking the Amazon link above, or watch the streaming video version on Acorn TV.

Simon Barrett

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