Turok: Son of Stone

A new movie based on the legendary franchise of Turok that has spawned comics and computer games is what you get here. I see this animated feature not only interesting fans of the Turok of old but appealing to those who like a bit of proper anime and animation.

This is nothing like the Cartoon Network or Japanimation that you see on cable during the day. There is no fluffy big-eyed cheap animation on show here. This is far closer in scope, feel and violence, to some of the great anime from Japan. While having a very “Western” feel to the animation it takes the influence of free flowing anime epics and runs with it.

The artwork of the “lost world” on show is most impressive. It evokes a feeling of ancient savagery that makes Turok; a product of American Indian culture, seem tame by comparison. Its an epic yarn that makes sure to pull you in and involve the viewer; not just relying on the action to keep the pace. No “Land of the Lost” campness on show here.

Included in the DVD is an informative “making of” documentary that both tells the history of the character and this new interpretation of the myth. Should you be so moved there is a commentary soundtrack that can be turned on.

This is as good as any animated movie package out there and I suspect that one might find oneself viewing this more than once. While not of the caliber of Akira or Ghost in the Shell this does take a good stab at grown-up animation.

Well worth the price of admission methinks.

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