That the German Word of the Year was going to be Klimakatastrophe (climate catastrophe) certainly wasn’t one that anyone here would have bet against. But now it appears that a handful of ruthless pranksters at Greenpeace and co. are going to take advantage of this hysterical situation and play one of their biggest and most hysterical practical jokes yet.

Tonight’s planned “lights out” action in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in which millions of homes and businesses will turn their lights off for five minutes at 20:00 (8 p.m.), and meant as it is to draw attention to the world climate change conference in Bali, may draw more attention than originally intended. European energy companies are worried that once everybody turns the lights back on again at 20:05, the sudden surge will overload the power grid.

“Even though we don’t live in a backwards place like the United States of America,” one spokesman for Germany’s BDEW (Big Damned Energy Wasters) energy company said. “Major disruptions to the grid cannot be ruled out. No, seriously. That’s right folks: It can even happen here.”

“And how come nobody at Greenpeace has explained why this ‘World Climate Day’ has to be held during the night?” the disgruntled spokesman continued. “Why couldn’t they have just turned the lights off during the day when you can at least see what you’re doing and the lights are off to begin with?”

So be warned all you European bloggers out there blogging in the dark tonight at around 19:59 (and don’t pretend like you won’t be because I know you will). Don’t forget to save all your data to disk in time for the show. And maybe post tomorrow’s post real quick while you’re at it.

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