The impending Turkish march into northern Iraq/Kurdistan seems to be getting everybody nervous – in Berlin of all places. “Emotional unrest” is growing between the city’s two favorite laugh-a-minute ethnic groups and came to a boil over the weekend when violence broke out between nationalist Turks and Kurdish rebels in Kreuzberg.

The losers of the first skirmish: The Berlin police department, 18 to 15 (18 injured policemen, 15 arrests). And the cops are sure that this is just the start of something much bigger (but they always are). We are nowhere near the payoffs, in other words, much less finals.

But they should have smelled a rat ahead of time on this one, I think. These clashes took place at the end of a demonstration which had been given the taunting title of “Unity and Brotherhood between Turks and Kurds”. Talk about a provocation. That kind of unity and brotherhood crap makes my blood boil just hearing it and I’ve never even been to Turkey, much less Kurdistan, wherever that is. This week, I mean.

I have also heard from unreliable sources that certain other unnamed and unreliable local “operatives” are considering handing out comic books before the next demonstration in a vain attempt to cool things down a bit. And these aren’t Mickey-Maus-Hefte, either.

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