The world of online content aggregators such as YouTube, Blogspot, eBay, etc remains in a constant spot of vigilance over court cases in different countries.

It started with eBay being ordered by German courts to remove Nazi stuff from being auctioned, with India threatening YouTube over a video posted on the popular video sharing site that lampooned Mahatma Gandhi, and now a Turkish court has ordered the country’s ISP’s to block YouTube till a video that mocks modern Turkey’s founder is removed from the YouTube website.

When will these countries learn ? You cannot stop or censor such items so easily. YouTube may buckle down and remove the video, but since YouTube is based on user contribution, tomorrow another video may come up on the same issue, or may land up on another sharing site. Modern technology allows bypassing all such restrictions (although like China, you can be fairly successful if you throw a large number of resources and are able to arm-twist big companies to do your bidding).

Ashish writes at Tech News.

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