A Tulane University Student in New Orleans, Louisiana met a man on a dating app and the same day she met him he came to her on campus where she stays, according to a Tulane University Police Department. This happened on January 27, 2022.

The reports say that the man came to her and when she refused his attempts to have sexual relations he raped her. They say they have identified the suspect.

The New Orleans Police Department is now investigating the incident. Although the NOPD has not specified whether the suspect has been arrested or if he is still at large.

Dating apps are good sometimes but other times they can be a very bad thing. I used to own a chat room online and I was fortunate enough to have met my late husband. We were together for about 17 years but it worked out for me even though I would never recommend this way to anyone.

Take time to learn as much as you can about the person you plan to meet. I am not just targeting men either. This could be a man or a female. Anyone can be anyone they want to be online. I have been dealing with people online for over 20 years and yes I have met quite a few face to face but as I have said I have been very fortunate.

I flew over 2000 miles to meet my late husband. He knew what I looked like but I had no clue to what he looked like but that was me and the way I was. I took a risk but would not advise anyone to do so. When he came up to me and kissed me I was telling myself that I sure hoped it was him kissing me and not someone else. But of course it was him and we made a life together. But this article shows the danger

So please be very careful out there. I have known several people that were very disappointed when they thought they knew the person online but turned out to be someone else. It is very easy to disguise tour identity online. Just make sure you know who you are talking to before giving out your address.

May God watch over you all and especially those of you that have become victims of online dating apps or from anywhere online.

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