Barry Cooper was once a top narcotics officer for the great state of Texas.  During his career, he took part in 800 drug busts.  However, a decade ago, his point-of-view and beliefs about the War on Drugs, specifically the battle against marijuana, changed. 

 Tired of seeing violent action taken against non-violent offenders—this was only fueled by a custody battle raid on his home that left bruises on his children—Cooper retired his badge and set off on other ventures.  His latest?  Cooper sells a DVD in which he instructs viewers on the best ways to hide one’s stash of marijuana, from revealing hidden crevices in a car to throwing off the scent for when drug dogs come sniffing around. 

Officers, of course, consider him a traitor to law enforcement, although what Cooper is doing is not against the law.  The possession and use of the product are the only illegalities.  He is merely instructing viewers on how to conceal the product.

His next planned DVD is an instructional video on how to prevent your house from being raided by police.  While again, this video would not be illegal, Cooper also has plans for an experiment that could get him in trouble: providing partiers with marijuana and alcohol and videotaping the results in an effort to prove that the dangers of marijuana are overhyped compared to the dangers of alcohol.

Arguments could be made on both sides on whether Cooper’s venture is right or wrong.  Is he a traitor to his former profession?  Perhaps.  Is he any different than the driver who flashes his lights to warn speeders of a waiting police cruiser ahead?  Debatable.

For the time being, Cooper will be allowed his venture.        

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