A few days ago I published an article  under the headline: Warning about buying iTunes vouchers from iTunesCardDelivery

The unidentified owner of iTunesCardDelivery posted a comment at the foot of the article containing a begrudging apology.

The anonymous owner did take issue with my reference to 30 emails on the subject. It was in fact well over 30 before the day was out.

I also received two emailed apologies from Zack (Support):

This is the brief one:

Mar 21, 13:33


Glad to see you got your card, sorry again for the hassle.

Hope you have a great day!


Encouraged by what I wrongly thought were genuine, sincere apologies, and thinking that perhaps it was a case of getting off on the wrong foot, I foolishly decided earlier today to place another order, thus ignoring my own warning.

Once again, a flurry of emails. iTunesCardDelivery received payment via PayPal. No issues were raised in relation to security. And I received an emailed promise from iTunesCardDelivery to send the code. However, despite the encouraging signs no voucher arrived and no explanation from them either.


Instead, an email from PayPal advising that the payment had been returned.

I can only conclude that the anonymous owner was pissed off with our first encounter and the apologies were insincere and disingenuous.

I am not someone who gives up easily and will wait to see if the anonymous owner posts any further anonymous comments if indeed they do come from the owner.

I will try ordering again one more time before taking further action, including complaining to i-Tunes and PayPal about the unsatisfactory time wasting service built entirely on the good name of i-Tunes.

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