Tom Fragala, CEO of Truston just dropped me a line about his “privacy friendly” identity theft protection and recovery service being mentioned in the most recent Javelin report.

In Tom’s own words:

Truston was featured in a Javelin Strategy & Research research report entitled “Identity Fraud Protection Services: Double Digit Growth to Continue.”

The report, released December 2007, provides a comprehensive analysis of the key identity theft protection services and is based in Javelin’s leading consumer survey data. According to the report, “MyTruston stands apart from other identity protection vendors in this space.”

Other companies featured include Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, Fair Isaac, LifeLock, Debix, FraudStop (Identity Safeguards), Identity Guard (Intersections,Inc.) and TrustedID. Read the report brochure here (PDF) and our press release.

Truston stands apart from the other services because it is privacy friendly. Other services require that you give them all your personal information to be maintained in (my guess) another data base. The other feature Truston offers is free prevention tools. A customer only pays for recovering IF and when they become a victim.

The report mentions that there is double digit growth in this industry despite reports showing that identity theft has been on the decline for the past three years.

Please note that a lot of people, watching the identity theft problem, don’t necessarily agree with this statement. Maybe this is one of the underlying reasons for the double-digit growth?

One of the biggest problems in compiling accurate statistics is that not all identity theft is reported. A large portion of it is simply written off as a loss by financial institutions, and never reported outside these institutions to the organizations putting together the statistics.

Tom is also a blogger and writes about identity theft. His blog can be seen, here.

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