It appears that Tom Fragala and the MyTruston team have raked in (yet) another award. This time from the Pacific Coast Business Times as one of the hot start-up companies coming from California’s Central Coast.

Tom Fragala, Truston’s CEO wrote on his blog, “This recognition comes on the heels of being named a 2008 Hot Company and receiving a technology award from the Info Security Products Guide.”

Here is the reason why they were chosen:

Truston’s MyTruston® service is the only fully online identity theft recovery system. It is web-based software that can help millions of people easily recover from and prevent identity fraud by supporting virtually any type of ID theft. MyTruston walks consumers step-by-step through the entire prevention or recovery process—dramatically reducing the time, financial cost, and emotional impact. And it can easily be embedded into a partner’s own website on a private-label basis.

The press release also contains a comment from Tom Fragala, CEO of Truston:

“The Pacific Coast Business Times recognition of Truston as one of the hottest startups in Central California further validates our innovative products and strategy of offering our services to large partners in the identity theft, direct marketing and financial services markets,” said Tom Fragala, CEO and founder at Truston. “Superior technology and support for partners differentiates Truston from other companies in the identity theft protection market.”

Tom developed Truston based on his own personal experience as an identity theft victim and has spent thousands of hours assisting other victims of identity theft.

Because of this, coupled with the fact that he is selling this technology to large partners, he still takes care of us “little people” by offering a free 45 day trial (no credit card needed) of the Truston platform.

Saying that, I should mention that the platform has always protected people free of cost and only charges for using it to recover after a person is a confirmed identity theft victim. Most companies charge you right from the beginning and will only help you if you were paying at the time of the crime (pardon the pun). Many of them also require that you surrender all your personal details, which they maintain on a database. Information on databases are a favorite place for identity theft thieves to obtain the resources they need to commit their crimes.

There are some, who believe one of the root causes of identity theft is the multi-billion dollar business of buying and selling information, which is normally maintained in databases.

If you are interested in checking out the Truston platform while it is still free, I’ve provided a link, here.

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