Truston — who provides a privacy and user friendly means to protect a person from identity theft — has announced a partnership with Identity Force.

Truston allows a person to protect themselves without giving up any of the personal information that is normally used by identity thieves to commit a wide assortment of crimes. It also allows a person to protect themselves, as well as, find out if they have anything to be concerned about free-of-charge.

A person is only charged for using the service when they recover from identity theft and then is only charged for however long the process takes. This is a big difference from most identity theft protection/prevention services, who charge a person on a long-term basis regardless of whether or not they have been actually become an identity theft victim.

Many of the identity theft protection services do not cover a person unless they were signed up (and paying) at the time they became a victim.

In addition to this, the monthly charge for using the recovery services is about the same as most of the competition. Because the recovery services are used on an “as needed” basis, the overall cost of using Truston is far less than the competition.

Identity Force provides identity theft protection services to a large number of customers including government agencies, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, Transportation Security Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Coast Guard and Department of Education.

Because of this, Truston will now be available to a substantial customer base, many of whom, might not want to provide all their personal information to a third-party. Given that many of these people were referred to Identity Force after a data breach — where a system was compromised and their information was exposed — Truston provides an approach that might give them greater piece of mind.

Here is part of the announcement from the press release:

Truston, a provider of award-winning online services for identity theft protection, today announced that it has partnered with Identity Force to provide its customers with Truston’s online identity theft recovery and prevention services.

As Truston’s web-based platform is designed to be private-labeled by partners, the myTruston features will be offered through the Identity Force member dashboard and completely integrated for a seamless customer experience. Through the use of Truston’s application programming interface, the myTruston service is embedded within the Identity Force website, taking on its look-and-feel and not requiring an additional user login.

Recently, Truston was named one of the Hot Companies of 2008 by the Network Products Guide in Silicon Valley.

Tom Fragala, Truston’s CEO, was himself an identity theft victim and has spent thousands of hours advocating for victims of this growing crime.

He also does a blog on identity theft, which can be seen, here.

Full press release on the Truston/Identity Force partnership, here.

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