I’ve had the opportunity to look at a lot of identity theft services, but until now – I’ve never run into one I considered “victim friendly.”

I’ve written off most of the services I’ve seen — either because they were financial services products (created by those who had compromised victims themselves) — or they were selling nothing more than what could be accomplished by going to “free government sites.”

Many of them also charge a monthly fee – just to “have the service,” even if it is never used.

Another “big problem” is that all of them require that you surrender your personal information – which could in turn be stolen, or even worse used as “marketing information.”

Over the past several months, I’ve been in contact with Tom Fragala (CEO of Truston Corporation), who himself is a former “identity theft” victim and became a “victim’s advocate” because of the experience.

Tom is launching his new product that helps the average person protect themselves from identity theft and recover from it if they become a statistic (victim).

Here is information about it – directly from the Truston site:

Truston helps make you safe from identity theft without putting your personal information at further risk.

Our myTruston service is the only freecredit inspecting service available, helping you stop ID theft cold. And, we offer the only complete onlineID theft recovery helping you restore your good name (free until2007). Learn more»

I had the opportunity to test the system – and found it extremely easy to use. It even reminds you via e-mail when you have additional items to follow-up on.

Additionally, the methods used in this service were written by experts in the field – and based on my experience would be “extremely effective” in resolving a personal “identity theft” crisis.

If anyone is interested in being a “tester” for this new service, Tom’s blog says there might be a few “golden tickets” left!

On a closing note, both Tom’s blog and the Truston site have a lot of great information about “identity theft” and are a recommended read for anyone interested in the subject.

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