David Schussler

We are engaged in a struggle against those who would take away our liberty and slaughter our children given the chance. We are daily debating the morality of our leaders who have made the decision in light of the 9/11attack on the United States to defend our freedom. This decision should have been made long ago after realizing that there were factions who have been attacking our freedom for decades in many parts of the world.

Is morality relegated to the US? When we think of morality doesn’t it include our brothers and sisters of all nations and all races? Who gives the right to government representatives to decide whether our military volunteers are making the correct moral choices to fight for the freedom and honor of the people of Iraq? As Monday morning quarterbacks and military commanders our congress is doubting the moral voracity of those youth who have volunteered to serve us as protectors of our freedom. We have forgotten that these military personnel are not only brave, self confident, and skilled but according to fact, are more intelligent than the average person of the same age. These personnel are also of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds.

When the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan in 1979, the first barrage turned back after finding out that they were to battle and kill all men women and children for no purpose. These first battalions were kin to the people that they were to attack. They would not. The soviet army then conscripted soldiers from Moscow, told them that the Afghans were an enemy, and sent them to do the job because they had different ethnicity. They began to kill and did kill many. Starting with doctors, clergy, teachers, and government leaders. They then started attacking villages including raping and dropping pregnant women from helicopters and leaving enticing toy like bombs to maim children in order to entice surrender. The youthful Soviet soldiers then learned that there was no good cause to their invasion. The Afghans had posed no threat to the Soviets. They found out that their job, in actuality, was to eliminate the people of Afghanistan to get to the Straits of Hormus to control the oil shipping lanes. They started to defect. That’s right, these soldiers even without the benefit of organized church and religion, revolted on moral grounds. By the thousands they became disgusted with their mission and defected. The Soviets lost.

This being said, I challenge anyone to find more than an inkling of doubt among our warriors about whether or not they are doing the right thing in Iraq. They deposed an evil despot leader and are now trying to keep out those who would like to fill the void of “evil leader” while trying to quell inner strife over power and territory. They are trying to help the millions of innocent people who are brave enough to remain and trust us to help them. Our soldiers, marines, and sailors know that they are doing the morally correct thing. It is the same job that they would do if similar strife were to be happening in their own home town. They are helping people to obtain freedom and to protect it as it is achieved. If they did not know different they would not fight.

Maybe those in our congress who oppose this fight for freedom deserve to have the fear of someone knocking on their back door to understand the purpose of our fight against terrorists. People are so quick to ridicule president Bush when he makes mention of 9/11. How quickly we forget the feeling from the attack which is likened to knocking on our back door.

A message to our congress and presidential hopefuls, “Trust our youth. They will lead us into peace and freedom. They are much smarter, much braver, and much more moral than you, and they are still learning, you are not. Support them, help them, protect them, fund them now.”

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