The latest FEC filings for June make for fun reading. They are also consistent with prior filings. Trump is good at business as Vanity Fair explains:

Of the $6.7 million that Trump paid out last month, roughly $1.1 million was funneled back toward Trump’s companies or toward reimbursements for his children on the campaign trail, including $350,000 spent on his personal jet. His golf courses received about $65,000, while his son Eric Trump’s wine company nabbed about $4,000. Another $125,000 was spent on Trump restaurants. And of the roughly $830,000 spent on event staging and rentals, the biggest expenditure was for Trump’s own Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. One wonders if he got a good deal.

Among the odd assortment of vendors listed on Trump’s F.E.C. filing, perhaps the strangest expenditure is for an advertising firm called Draper Sterling—an apparent reference to the fictional Mad Men ad agency—which received $35,000 in late April for “web advertising.” According to its limited-liability-company registration application, Draper Sterling LLC was formed as a consulting business in December 2015, and was registered with the state of New Hampshire in March 2016. The company is registered to Jon Adkins, the co-founder of Dynamic Solutions, a consulting firm, and more recently, XenoTherapeutics, an “early stage medical device and research company,” according to his LinkedIn. Reached by telephone, a man who identified himself as Adkins declined to comment on what Trump’s $35,000 went towards.

Yup, he likes to spend his money on himself and his family. Some will say ‘well he is self funded, so sure he should use the assets he owns’. Of course the term ‘self funded’ is not quite as simple as it sounds. He is actually making ‘loans’ to his campaign, and now as the ‘Likely nominee’ he can start to retrieve some of the money from guess who? The feds! This is a classic Trump move, it doesn’t matter if he wins or loses, he still wins. He is writing checks to himself, what a classic move!!!!

Simon Barrett

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