Donald Trump’s oldest children will be helping him on season six of his reality show “The Apprentice”, though they “resisted” at first, afraid the show would hurt their credibility as businesspeople. They later reconsidered.”It’s an hour of highlighting our projects around the world on prime-time television,” Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, said. “It’s a tremendous vehicle to put our brand out there.”

Ivanka, 25, and Don, 27, will be assisting their father on each episode in the boardroom, when Trump decides who to fire. Ivanka is replacing assistant Carolyn Kepcher, who was fired from the Trump Organization in August after serving as an executive officer in the company and as Trump’s “left hand” for five seasons.

Trump’s children say they will be able to connect Trump to the younger generation. For example, Ivanka will be the face of TrumpSoHo, appearing on its billboards and other promotional materials.

“We are a different generation, and we have a different take on things than he does,” Ivanka said. “When we have that argument, he will listen to us, because he knows we represent the future.”

“The Apprentice 6” premieres Sunday, Jan. 17, and will be set in Los Angeles, rather than New York, where the first five seasons were filmed.


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