[trufflesbythesea]Truffles by the Sea is one of those novels that are good to take to the pool or to the beach. The setting is by the sea, so it works out great, right?

Julie Carobini weaves a pretty good story… interesting. But…  

I was surprised that the protagonist was Latino… or was she Italian? I’m not sure, because I couldn’t tell from the name Flores or from the word si or from some of the other clues, except from the author’s name, Carobini. I didn’t like that, because I really like to know the whole setting by the end of the first chapter if the author is going to throw in foreign words. It’s only fair.

Another thing is that present tense monsterous point of view. It is okay to use to make a point, but it is incredibly tiresome to read in bulk, seriously.

That being said, this is a good storyline and the book delievers what it promises. That is a good finish line for any novel.

Gaby Flores is Drama Queen in action. She, evidently, has a penchant for attracting the wrong type of guy. She puts her whole heart into… well, I won’t give it all away. Let’s just say that she has an extremly attractive landlord, a mechanic with a chocolate gaze who comes to the rescue like a knight on his white steed. Also in this pot is her friend Bri and her husband, a nosy neighbor and a friendly sea lion. Add to that a lovely beach location and you’ve got a pretty good read. Don’t forget the sunscreen


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