Troubled High Street retailer Woolworths has been fined forty thousand pounds in the UK for allegedly exposing staff members at two of its stores to asbestos. The retail chain, which has been around for decades in the UK, has recently gone into administration having become another victim of the credit crunch, and is due to close its stores next week.

It was found that employees in two of its stores in Devon were potentially exposed to the deadly substance asbestos and that stock and items on shelves were covered in asbestos dust after work had been carried out at the stores.

The dust was cleaned up by staff members using just dustpans and brushes, after the dust was created by contractors carrying out ceiling tile removal work. The contractors involved have also been fined a total of one hundred thousand pounds as a result of the violations.

It is thought that employees at the stores may have been exposed to asbestos for around ten days following the work, and reports also indicate that three months later there were still signs of asbestos presence in the two stores.

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