Perhaps its age or the daunting schedule. But Senator John McCain’s attempt to smear Barack Obama over the lipstick and pig comment blew back badly today. The media began playing excerpts of Arizona’s senior senator using that exact phrase in the exact context half a dozen times.

And unfortunately for the 72 year old maverick. They also caught him discussing the infamous bridge to nowhere, on a day when reporters dug up and ran video of Sarah praising that self same bridge she still claims she was against. But getting caught in that lie was nothing compared to the newest revelations concerning the GOP Veep’s actions in trooper gate.

Newly released court transcripts reveal Sarah Palin, and her entire family were admonished by a judge from the bench to stop harassing the trooper. Seems even before she was Governor, Sarah was making up stories and truth twisting in an attempt to get her ex-Brother in law fired, actions the Judge called child abuse! A lesson to future republican presidential candidates, doing a quick Google of your choice does not a vetting make.

It would seem the mainstream media’s initial infatuation with Alaska’s Governor is collapsing under an avalanche of hard fact. Truth that starkly contradicts reformist claims on the stump. We now know she lied about the bridge to nowhere, she lied about having sold a state jet on e-bay and she lied about trooper gate. 

Today we learned the hockey Mom Governor who loves to drive herself home from work, has been caught with her hand in the expense pad cookie jar. Records released reveal she was submitting sixty dollar a day per-Diem vouchers for travel nights she was actually at home. And it couldn’t have been some innocent clerical mistake of perhaps forgetting where she was once or twice over the course of a busy year, Nope the reform Governor padded her expense account more than three hundred separate times on that scheme alone.

With the singular exception of media sources owned by Sir Rupert Murdoch, reporters and journalists are beginning to uncover conflicts of interest and errors in good judgement that John McCain’s vetting team would surely have come across if they had spent more than a couple hours Googling  her on a laptop.

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