The former press secretary for Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin told reporters in Anchorage. The investigation has been “hijacked” by “Obama operatives” even as the McCain campaign announced, GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin would not voluntarily cooperate with the special prosecutor appointed by a bi-partisan legislative committee last July. Partisan claims aside trooper gate began long before Sarah Palin was a twinkle in John McCain’s eye.

Pundits tells us we are coming to a point in the campaign when even the undisputed master of sleaze Karl Rove is offended by the tone of the Presidential race. Really friends it’s much worse. I liked the old John McCain, even if I disagreed with his politics. In fact while I support Obama, till recently I wouldn’t have been all that worried if he pulled out a miracle and won.

Unfortunately I learned from the late Jesuit theologian Malachi Martin, In pursuit of power, history is replete with occasions of selfless people who extricable become possessed by self in the quest to do good, perfectly possessed was the term Martin used. But the consequence beyond loss of the good man becomes a corrupted orbit drawing individuals of like nature to create a malevolent force that beguiles the simple and innocent.

By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes, The wicked thing in Shakespeare was Macbeth himself, who’s lust for power destroyed him, when you expose men like George Bush and Dick Cheney for what they are, few people really, are all that surprised. But John McCain was the genuine article once upon a time.

While his pick of Sarah Palin is the singularity that defines what he has become. Attempting to pile insignificant lie on top of insignificant lie, day after day is beginning to grab the attention of the media and I speculate will be the reason he loses and loses badly.

P.S. Burton Blogger Nations

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