Several students have insisted that the university is not a Christian institution and is a private, independent university. This is the statement on the Trinity University website under About Us. and it adds that it has a self-perpetuating board of trustees. There is also another statement which is extremely telling and that is that the university has a covenant with the Presbyterian regional synod. Also contrary to some students’ claims that the name Trinity does not reflect the Christian heritage, I will quote…

 Trinity’s name reflects its Christian origins and the three regional Cumberland Presbyterian governing bodies that supported its institutional organization.

It is not a seminary, granted. But it was started by three regional Presbyterian governing bodies, and today it does have a covenant with the regional synod of the Presbyterian Church which was signed in 1969.It seems that these students don’t understand exactly what this means.

A covenant is a binding agreement such as marriage. The huffing and puffing of the students, I cannot find out just how many students want the change on their diploma, is an indication of exactly where our country is headed. The children of our nation think that if they don’t make the covenant, then it isn’t binding upon them. And our judicial system has made it clear that if a child wants to emancipate, then the child may certainly do so as long as the child can fend for itself, and can make intelligent decisions. However…

When a student pays money for education, or uses government funds in the form of a grant or loan (regardless of whether that money will be paid back or not) then that student is implying that he/she cannot fend for himself or herself because the funds are not in the bank account to pay for the education unless someone else puts the funds there.  I am not saying the students are incapable of making intelligent decisions, I am saying that the students and the university are dependent upon the good will of alumni and outside donations for operating costs because tuition does not cover all the costs of a quality collegiate institution.

Private universities cannot survive on tuitions and fees alone. This is well-known and an accepted fact of business. So what we have here is not just a few students who want a change, but we have a huge number of people involved which the very few are not taking into consideration.

Another aspect of this tug-o-war is this covenant, which is a binding agreement. Even though the Presbyterian Church may or may not be sending funds to the university for operating costs, the founding fathers of the university (from three regional Presbyterian governing bodies, not as touted in comments to a previous post three colleges coming together to make one college), did form a college for the furtherance of education of young people. There is a Christian Heritage to Trinity University, and because of the heritage and the covenant, there is a responsibility to uphold the original values that the university was founded upon.

The question raised by this uproar is simple, does the fact that new doors have been opened justify sweeping the Christian heritage under the carpet? It would be the same as trying to erase the Civil War from history or erase the fact of the Confederate United States just because a few are offended that their heritage sprang from slavery. History is. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we cannot deny the past, even though there are many who want to rewrite history.

While cultural references may be offensive to some, such as the rebel flag is to some black people, the offense taken should not overrule historical fact or a covenant.

A covenant is a promise that should not be broken. Too bad that people do not concede the sanctity of promises. I guess that’s why a handshake or a verbal promise is no longer binding. Too bad the students of this university want to toss years of integrity in the rubbish pile simply because they do not hold a covenant sacred.

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