By: Sulayman A. Bah, United Kingdom.

On Monday morning, November 6th 2006, my mobile phone rang, I answered only to be informed of the inevitable news: the death of one of my mentors, Mr. Pa Amat Jagne. What was the cause of his death, I asked the caller, he died as a result of the cooking gas explosion incident in Kanifing, he said in a low, meek and mild voice. I responded with the words, “IN NA LI LAHI WA INALILAH RAZIOUNA” (Ps. accept my spelling). It is very untimely to loose Mr. Jagne at this time, especially while performing his duties as a Red Cross volunteer, the job he cherishes with all his heart.

Equally, it’s sympathetic to loose the other victims too who passed away along with him and I wholeheartedly pray to God to grant them Al-Janna ( Paradise ) through his mercy. My prayers and thoughts are to those currently hospitalised both in the country (RVTH) and abroad wishing them speedy recovery. It’s what the Red Cross refer to as “Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere and at anytime”. That was the exact scenario which happened to my dear friend, colleague and boss, Pa Jagne and co. involved in the incident. I came to know Mr. Jagne during his days as the Red Cross Area Representative in the Lower River Division in the early 1990’s. Precisely at a Youth Camp in Soma town near my home village of Pakalinding . I have kept mute over all deaths involving other people (including members of my own family) through various circumstances, why single out Mr. Jagne? many will want to know. His death touched the nerves of my life so I decided to single him out. Not only our personal relationship during those days and beyond. While I was under his tutelage a volunteer he made personal efforts to help shape my leadership qualities and indeed got the best of me. Alongside the executive committees, he assigned me various tasks, such as being secretary to such committees, which through his guidance, results were realised. I therefore have no choice, but to share with the people about who Mr. Jagne was to me as an individual. And to further let you know who were behind the scenes of making me what I am today, alongside my parents and family. Mr. Jagne, I am very proud of the valuable contributions you have made in my life, Thank you! To me, you will be remembered as an easy going person very much committed to contributing your quota towards humanity. You will also be remembered for being the Premier to officially open the Red Cross Branch in my Division. In those days also, I have passed through these persons who were members of the then team: Chief Sheriff Sanneh, the then Divisional Chairman, and assistants such as Mr. Mustapha Saine, Mr. Faal Sanneh, Mr. Bobo Drammeh, Ms. Manu Samba, Mr. Fatty and Mr. Fabakary Kalleh. Together we were able to put in place the Divisional Action Team and many more visible projects today. However, this do not omit the valuable services of other link leaders and wonderful volunteers who have always been reliable when called upon, hence they always respond very positively. Thank you all for the positive contributions you have made in my life. Mr. Jagne have been and will always be remembered by me and many other people who have come into contact with him as an easy going person who was very much committed to duty. He has always been eager to contribute his quota towards the advancement of the Red Cross activities in all parts of the country and humanity in general which led him to rise through the ranks over the years, until where he met his untimely death. It’s often said that people are indispensable, but I think Mr. Jagne have left a void that will require time to recruit a suitable replacement. Mr. Jagne, you have gone but not forgotten. As we jointly mourn the deaths and Pa Amat Jagne in particular, as I conjure all and sundry, especially the wives (Nyima Njie and co-wife), the Jagne family in Sibanor, Njie family in Jenari, Kiang east; let us raise our heads very high. Your late husband, father, brother, cousin, niece, nephew, uncle and my former boss your late friend and or colleague died a hero and surely God will reward him with paradise as he died while trying to save a life. Mr. Sulayman A. Bah Quote: “There is no easy walk to freedom, and many will have to pass through the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires”. By my hero, H.E. Nelson Mandela Posted on Monday, November 13, 2006 (Archive on Tuesday, November 28, 2006) Posted by PNMBAI Contributed by PNMBAI Return

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