More proof that Mississippi Senator Trent Lott, the former Democrat and the one responsible for making all Republicans look like racists — with help from the MSM — is at it again.

Lott is making noise that he would like to compromise with the Democrat Party over the safety of our troops and listen to talk of cutting and running from Iraq since President Bush has vetoed the Democrat’s latest Surrender bill.

Lott has been a capitulator to the Democrats for decades and his disastrous tenure as Majority Leader of the Senate several years ago was a fine example of how bad he is for the GOP. But, now he isn’t just damaging the Party as he usually does. NOW he is floating the possibility that he will allow the Democrat Party (his old home) to engineer an utter defeat in Iraq.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Lott is saying he’d like to “talk” to the Democrats to see where he can help them enforce our cutting and running from Iraq.

“You can’t say it’s time to negotiate and then say no if it includes this, that or the other,” Lott said.

We can’t say “that or the other” is off the table, Senator Lott? Apparently Lott agrees that we should allow cutting and running to be a part of the “negotiations”. After all, if we can’t say “this, that or the other” is off the table, then he MUST be saying that he’d consider the Democrat’s cut and run ideas as a legitimate part of the “negotiations”. And just as the surge is beginning to show promise, at that.

With “friends” like him, who needs Democrats?

Not to be outdone, his RINO pal from Ohio, Voinovich, is making noise of agreeing to losing this war and cutting and running, as well.

Another Republican, Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio, said the leaders should discuss all issues in seeking a deal.

“Everything has to be on the table. If the urgency is as significant as it is for the military, and it is, it means some compromise has to be arrived at,” said Voinovich.

This kind of defeat oriented thinking is exactly why the GOP lost in 2006 and will most likely lose in 2008. The GOP in congress has for over a decade been far more interested in junkets, spending, and Lobbyists than they were about being Republican and now we are at a point where weaklings and fellow travelers like Voinovich and Lott feel they have the freedom and power to bend over and take one from the Party of the enemy and drive the country down the hole with them.

Let’s hope Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell can reign in these traitors to the GOP and shut them up before they get too cosy with the Democrats who would hand Al Qaieda the win they so badly want and before they betray our troops any further.

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