A Broken System

To say that there was a breakdown in our transportaion security system, does a disservice to the word breakdown. 

Red flags and clear warnings not being used to thwart the recent attempted airliner bombing,  Shine a light on more than just a lack of screening equipment.  The basic threat assessment process was shelved at some point – by both a lack of resolve and misplaced priorities within the system. 

We learned in the tragic analysis of information leading up to the September 11th attacks that a decision was made that “not enough evidence” existed to search a laptop (which later turned out to contain valuable information.  In this situation,  – a  decision that not enough evidence existed was looked at with regard to a “right” cited  (see the fourth amendment) right or wrong,  its infringement or lack thereof was the rationale given for the  decision.  

In the most recent example our “terrorist watch list” is mentioned as having contained information on the bombing suspect.  At some point this information was shelved, or deemed “not enough” to add this suspect to a no fly list.  Note that the use of this term, previously accepted in phrases such as “not enough to arrest”  “not enough to detain” or  “Not enough to prosecute”  has now become part of a new Government policy – “not enough to do anything with the information”.  This newly discovered policy has been attached to a “new right” which was recently introduced in this Nation.  This right was created while we were all asleep,  or perhaps we just didn’t get the memo on it:  Foreign citizens now have a “right” to fly into the United States, that can only be abridged, reduced, or limited,  by having “enough” evidence against them to convict them of a crime.  In addition, the same amount of evidence is also necessary to  move forward and either screen someone further, or  pull their Visa or refuse them  permission to enter the United States.  

The confusion and lack of resolve by those in decision and  policy making positions has inadvertently ascribed  “new rights”  to those that wish to do us harm.  We are now being made aware of it, and the process needs intense scrutiny to weed out weak policies and flawed decision making in any agency charged with our public safety.

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