By A Staff Writer

After the sudden and shocking revelation from the Transparency International-TI many public officials especially those in Subsaharan African countries, are trying their best to dissociate themselves and their heads of state from the latest package of shame. This indeed does not and cannot leave The Gambia on the sides. Do they have legs long enough to be able to jump over this deep ditch of ‘malfaisance’ where sorrow is mixed shame? Here comes a long list of trials and errors.
GAMBIA. In the case of a country like The Gambia the situation is so sad. Despite all these discouraging indexes and accusations from an important organization like Transparency International,President Yahya Jammeh is busy getting ready for a country wide victory celebration? How on earth can anyone ever be able to defend an image like Jammeh from harsh criticism? This is not the least an easy job to do. Personally I sympathise with Jammeh’s envoys abroad. Why? Because there is a huge chest before the Jammeh government that is full of stinking cases! No Ambassador can ever succeed in defending Jammeh! Embezzlement has been the tag on this government’s ‘political-jacket’ from 1994 to now. Lest we forget about the long list of officials who have either been fired,jailed or killed only to bury the economic crimes of Yahya Jammeh. Starting from the early days of the AFPRC to when Baba Jobe was incarcerated is enough a verdict to hang Jammeh for economic crimes on one hand. On the other one Jammeh’s track record on human rights is more than apalling. In this field of socio-economic actitivities who can maintain the baton of good governance in the absence of effective services and management? None of the latter exists near Yahya Jammeh. Any leader who thinks he or she is untouchable where critics are present is bound to fail. In wolof there is a proverb that says..”Kutagga saboppah doh Joom”. This is equivalent to the following…” Self expression or promotion needs to recommendation”. The Jammeh government should stop and listen.They should cut their losses short and listen to the loud voice of public opinion from within and without. Corruption starts from a layer of traditional decadence or self deception. Criticisms or observations like those from the Transparency International are not meant to be matched with barren politics,they are meant to be matched with policies of substance. Dynamic ones for that matter. Politics alone does not erode corruption,corruption must be erased with policies. Policies are meant to be party-blind.They are supposed to be like what I will call…”accomodating-checks-and-balances”. Why the word accomodating here? Because no single policy can be a dogma. As time changes,society also changes therefore accomodating new perspectives can help enhance the lives of those we call citizens of the nation. As a serious nation The Gambia cannot stand all by itself saying it does not care about other communities. This is exactly what President Jammeh did a month ago. Now why is he crying foul when he declared that he cares less about the rest of the world? So queer a character! There are proactive Gambian officials(mostly former) who promised Yahya Jammeh that his own commission of enquiry began when him and MA Paul wrapped up their package of lies and deceptions. Today Jammeh is before an international pannel that will never dance to his tunes. He will be brought down to his knees thus expose his hypocritical taste buds. Sure this is just the beginning of another branch of Jammeh’s International poker card of disgrace. Organizations like Transparency International-TI and/or Human Rights Watch-HRW aren’t small players to be missed on this huge plateau of world politics. Not knowing how to coordinate or contact these groups, instead of being an excuse is a serious gap. During this era of googles and www dot coms,I think flow of information is a matter of must. The Jammeh government is today trying to send a signal saying they cannot contact the TI because of being busy on the Millemium Challenge Account? As far as governance is concerned, the Ambassador’s position means the position of the government he or she is representing. Infact this is the first time ever from 1994 to date the Gambia government under Yahya Jammeh is heeding criticism from institutions like the TI. Didn’t we see or hear Yahya Jammeh say…”Let the whole world go to hell” after he was elected in September? These harsh and disrespectful words are what Jammeh used when opening his bottle of champagne. At that point Jammeh was getting ready to celebrate his stolen and fraudulent election. Now Mr. President be reminded you insulted the whole world. This means the world did not choose to go to hell instead the world went rotating around the axis watching you steal and dupe a whole nation. At the end that world you imaginarily sent to hell stood by waiting to lock you up in that very hell. You know the path to hell Yahya Jammeh take the lead Go in and wait for your track record. Where do you stand now? Aren’t you being taught one good lesson, which is…No one single nation,community or person can be an island. Of course street smart people are watching you and your brats. Under your shameless face The Gambia is once again on the mark ready to recite the “qaulifiers” of the MCA! Watch out! You are against American Interest abroad. Thats risky bro! Another disgrace here is that The Gambia is the only country that has been added to the list earlier on, only to be suddenly dropped like a limping dog. The Gambia was dropped because more stinking cases were exposed to those who thought you were good. On the whole! Plus more hurdles along the way….Now that the democrats and the GOPS are to work together for the betterment of the USA,get ready. Things will become harder and harder for negligent and “partying” dancers like Jammeh. Will anyone take him seriously along the belt way? The under currents are not promising for Jammeh. He will be seeing worse than the TI’s dossier in days to come. There are more damaging files and cases against the incumbent in Banjul. Worse reports are being beefed up from unexpected quarters. Jammeh has to understand that taking a stand goes with a price. If he chooses to be another Mobutu Seseseko let him be man enough to accept the pills that go with such a deadly choice. This reminds me about a wolof saying that goes..”Doh Jenn doh Yappa” This means someone who is neither meat nor fish! Standing against what Jammeh calls Western Hegemony cannot be compartible with the fine traditions of our belt way diplomacy. There is a big difference between being anti-domination and anti-western, because of one selfish leader’s interest from a country called The Gambia. For Yahya Jammeh he does not even identify the difference between post-cold war and pre-cold war strategies because his own advisers on the periphery are novices. This is catastrophe. GHANA. Mr Frank Agyekum a Ghanaian government spokesperson tried better than Banjul. At least Agyekum was honest enough to accept the following fact. That is,Ghana recognises they dropped in (CPI) Corruption Perception Index. However,he fought back by saying more has been done on the other side of the coin. He continued to cite the undermentioned with regards to his government’s efforts in this fierce battle against corruption. -PA-Procurement Act -FAA-Financial Administration Act and -WBA-Whistle Blower’s Act. With all these acts and actions that were cited by Mr Agyekum TI’s thunderbolt has left many scratching their heads. It is sometimes not too difficult to detect the line seperating inefficiency from negligence. If the former is deadly the latter isn’t all that a good tranquiliser either. This is exactly why organizations like TI never leave any stone unturned when it comes to revealing data for public consumption. They know how heavy the political,social and economic implications weigh. They know the repercussions attached to such revelations. This is why when it comes to Ghana, cases like the 33bn Cedis Rip-off(security probe) leave so much to be desired.This huge amount was lost from the nation’s wealth as a result of illegal trading,under employment and a lot of other damaging reasons. The promising side of it is that Ghana took the initiative of citing what was actually done and said by the incumbent in this battlle against corruption. I wish we heard a similar voice from Banjul. But no! Banjul is thinking about knowing where the desk officer situated? Wow!!! Is The Gambia’s case that of inefficiency or negligence? The answer is yours.

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