On July 17, 2007, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Elizabeth Edwards spoke before activists with the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Videos of the three speeches have been available at the Planned Parenthood website www.imoneinamillion.com but transcripts have not been available.

Opinion writer Laura Echevarria transcribed the Clinton speech and has nearly completed the transcript for the Obama speech. Both transcripts will be made available to the public through her website.

In a press release from today, Ms. Echevarria said, “Hillary Clinton’s speech before the Planned Parenthood Action Fund reveals that she walks lock-step with Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW and all other groups seeking continuing and unlimited access to abortion on demand.”

Ms. Echevarria was a spokesperson and a former director of Media Relations for the National Right to Life Committee (1997-2004). She is currently a writer focusing on politics and abortion and often needs research materials such as speeches. She transcribed the speech after discovering that only video of the speech was available.

Reporters and others interested in reading the transcript of Mrs. Clinton’s remarks will find a link on Ms. Echevarria’s website at www.lauraechevarria.com.

The Barack Obama transcript will be made available after it has been checked for accuracy.

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