Yes, we all know that trans fats are bad for us. And yes we should not use it. Unfortunately it is also the source of a huge amount of flavor in out food. The Calgary Health Region is considering putting a proposal forward to the City Council to enforce a ban on trans fats in Calgary restaurants.

At face value this looks like a good idea, trans fats cause many health problems. However there is another way of viewing this, our freedom of choice.

I smoke, I drink, and I generally lead a pretty unhealthy life! That choice is mine; it is not ruled by the Calgary Health Region, or the City of Calgary, it is decisions that I make.

The world seems to have become obsessed with fixing the small things, trans fat, smoking in bars, and coffee that is so hot it could burn you! Well, let me tell you something, I like trans fat, I like to smoke in the bar, and if my coffee is too hot I will be careful!

We seem to have become a society of the political correct. Being Politically correct is important sometimes, but being stupid never works in my book.

If the administration spent as much time and effort on fixing the big problems, the various wars, outrageous gas prices, health care, etc. as they spend on the relatively trivial case of trans fat, the world would be a better place.

Calgary needs to get a grip! If people want trans fat, people should be able to get it.

Simon Barrett  

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